7 Best Affiliate Marketing Websites to Help You Make Money 

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With so many affiliate marketing websites on the web, it can

 be tough to find the best one for you. Some are good at 

one type of product, but poor at another. While some specialize 

in high ticket items, others focus on mid or low ticket products 

or services. Choosing the right affiliate marketing website helps 

ensure that you make money off your efforts and don’t waste

 time promoting products that don’t convert as well as they 

should. Here are seven of the best affiliate marketing websites

 available today to help get you started on your way 

to making money online.

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Wealthy Affiliate

Affiliate marketing has always been a great way for

 beginners to start building their own brands and business. 

When it comes down to it, affiliate marketing is just selling

 another person’s product or service and getting paid for doing so.

 But how do you know which company is going to work best for you?

 If you were looking into building an affiliate marketing website, one of

 your first decisions will be choosing between WordPress-based sites

 and a domain name-owned site. There are some pros and cons of

 each option, but we’ll talk about that in a bit. To help give you a better

 idea of what these sites look like and whether they could work well for 

your business or not we have gathered up 7 top affiliates below.

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Bookmark Your Way To Millions

Hubspot is one of my favorite affiliate marketing websites to 

use for inbound marketing. Their system makes it easy for 

you to create blogs and landing pages with minimal effort. 

The tools are there, so I’ve already written many pages and 

created a couple of landing pages on my own from scratch that

 has turned into leads over time. Plus, they have a ton of free

 resources on how to best leverage their platform – if you just

 want to follow what other successful marketers are doing as well!

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My #1 Recommendation

Check out WPMU DEV, The best WordPress development 

company in town for good reason. They are a rock-solid 

a hosting provider with a proven track record of 

customer satisfaction. I personally use their premium 

hosting service and recommend it 100%! Check out 

WPMU DEV, The best WordPress development

 company in town for good reason. They are a rock-solid

 a hosting provider with a proven track record of customer

 satisfaction. I personally use their premium hosting service 

and recommend it 100%! (And by an affiliate link, you support

 me and my reviews at no extra cost)

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The Millionaire Society

It’s hard to beat The Millionaire Society for convenience

 when it comes to affiliate marketing opportunities.

 As a super-affiliate, you get paid thousands upon thousands

 of dollars each month from a program that offers over a

 thousand products. But if you aren’t satisfied with how much 

you’re making on your own or other opportunities out there, 

The Millionaire Society also pays people $10 for every new 

member they sign up, so building your downline can be an

 an additional source of income. Whether you have experience

 as an affiliate marketer or not, The Millionaire Society might be

 one of your best bets yet.

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One of ClickBank’s biggest benefits is that you can get started

 instantly. There’s no lengthy application process, making it 

easy for first-time merchants or individuals with poor credit to

 sign up. For example, if you have a medical billing software 

program that hasn’t been updated in two years, you can update

 your product listing with new images and a description of your

 services so people will know what they’re paying for. The best

 part is that once you earn more than $50 per month, ClickBank

 pays you monthly! It costs nothing extra to be listed on ClickBank 

and most who sell there enjoy their time spent there.

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Digital Marketing for Smart People

Digital marketing (online marketing) is a real-time, personal and

 interactive way for businesses to communicate with customers, 

potential customers, and partners. There are many disciplines

 within digital marketing but generally, we can say that it uses 

channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube

 for example. It is about placing advertisements on those

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