Best CPA Marketing Platforms to Help You Make Money

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Paid advertising, also known as cost per action or cost per acquisition, is

one of the most effective marketing techniques for Internet entrepreneurs

who is in the business of making money online?

List of the best CPA marketing platforms

All of these are great platforms. Some are better suited for certain

businesses or niches than others. If you’re a bootstrapper, then you’ll

love ProfitClicking and EZPZ. Both offer rock-bottom entry costs

(as low as $0) and very fast payouts ($100-300/day with full PPD

conversion). If you’ve got a little more cash, I’d also recommend

using Infolinks, Tradedoubler, BidVertiser, ViralHeat or RevContent

if possible. Now there’s no right answer here; it all depends on your

niche and goals – but at least now you have some options! CPA stands

for cost per action. In short, a CPA network pays you when people take

specific actions that they’ve been convinced to do by an advertiser

(i.e., fill out a form, sign up for something, download an app, etc.).

The advertiser gets their money back when people actually do what

they want them to do. A great example is Bing Rewards: whenever

someone completes a search in Bing Rewards, Microsoft pays you

10 cents. There are tons of other examples out there too: Swagbucks

rewards people who shop online with points that can be redeemed

for gift cards; SurveyMonkey gives points that can be redeemed in

exchange for survey invitations; Mint rewards users who set up

automatic bill payments via their service with small amounts of money.

Why it’s important

Though cost-per-action (CPA) marketing is a powerful business model

, many businesses fail at it because they don’t create effective landing

pages and offers. For example, one common mistake that marketers

make is trying to market their products or services by using super broad

language. Many marketers write their ads in such a way that doesn’t

clearly explain why someone should be excited about what they have

to offer and why they should take action right away. As a result, people

who come across these ads often end up leaving without doing anything

g because they don’t see any value.

Making a list of criteria

What are your goals? What’s your timeline? How much do you need to spend?

Are there specific types of sites you want (i.e., travel)? Do you want a range of

ad sizes, or a very specific size, like a 728×90 leaderboard or 160×600 rectangle?

Where would you like your ads to run (publisher site, network partner site,

search partner site?) Do you have an overall branding strategy for your campaign

that includes consistency and compatibility with existing marketing campaigns

and materials? How will you measure success? Once you’ve answered these

questions, it’s time to start looking at individual networks. The following is a

list of top advertising networks in order from highest cost per click to lowest:

Google AdWords (Display Network), Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft

Advertising Network (Bing Ads), AOL Advertising Network, Facebook Ads,

LinkedIn Ads & Twitter Ads.

Evaluating platforms on a scale of 1-10

The internet is a big place, and with so many new programs launching every

day, it can be tough to know where you should spend your time and money

. One of my most powerful techniques for evaluating a program’s potential

success is by measuring its level of difficulty against its earning potential.

In short, if you’re being paid a lot for something that’s easy (or easier than

what’s out there), there’s not much room for growth. On the other hand,

if you’re going to have to invest time into earning money, it better pay well!

So here are some simple ways to check if an offer is worth your time

A verdict on each platform

There are several options that offer a wide range of features, but we’ve

narrowed down our top choices based on categories like ease of use,

minimum investment, and return on investment. Some of these platforms

require at least $100/month to advertise on their site, while others are free.

There is no one-size-fits-all platform for affiliate marketing—it all depends

on your niche and budget. But we’ve tried our best to rank them as objectively

as possible in each category below. Click any option below for more

information about it and full disclosure about ads, affiliate links, pricing, etc.,

and let us know what you think in comments!

My favorite CPA marketing platform is…

If you’re a marketing specialist, who has been tasked with choosing a good

CPA marketing platform for your company or one of your clients, you have

probably found yourself in quite a bind. The sheer number of available

platforms is simply staggering and every single one of them seems as if it

could be an ideal choice for your needs. What should you do? Relax!

There is no need to lose sleep over making such an important decision;

instead, use those naps time productively by taking advantage of our reviews.

Take advantage of what we have created for you and spend less time on

research by using our most up-to-date industry knowledge and insights into

these services.

Extra notes/ FAQs

What exactly is CPA? It stands for cost per action, and it’s a highly effective

digital marketing model. Just as affiliate marketing has become increasingly

popular with bloggers, so too has CPA advertising—it’s literally everywhere.

Most commonly seen in sponsored posts, these ads are usually called sponsored

or promoted posts. They’re paid for by an advertiser and placed on a third-party

website. When someone clicks on an ad (and completes whatever task that company

specifies), you earn money from that click-through. The most important thing to

remember about any paid campaign is it should always be relevant to your audience

and offer value in some way.

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