How Polluted Water Can Cause Health Problems

In the industrialized world, most people take clean drinking water for

granted. But every year, millions of people in undeveloped countries

fall ill from contaminated water, and billions of dollars are spent to

treat the illnesses that ensue. There are several ways in which polluted

water can cause health problems and lead to other long-term medical

conditions such as cancer or liver damage. Here are some of the most

t common health issues caused by contaminated water and steps you

What is Polluted Water?

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Just because you can’t see or smell something doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

It is crucial to understand how polluted water causes health problems and

its effects. Your water may be clean and clear but that doesn’t always mean

it is safe to drink. Contaminants like bacteria, sediment, chemicals, heavy

metals, and radioactive materials can come from many sources. Even if you

boil your water, it won’t remove harmful contaminants like lead that can

cause gastrointestinal diseases when ingested. These microscopic organisms

and heavy metals are not only present in drinking water but also in rivers

and lakes. They may cause health issues including cancer, birth defects, and

other illnesses too severe to live with over time.

Sources of Pollution in Drinking Water

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Before you can understand how polluted water causes health problems, it’s

important to know what types of substances and pollutants can enter your

drinking water. There are several ways that pollutants can get into your water

supply, including Leaking storage tanks. When gasoline, diesel fuel, or other

fuels leak from storage tanks at gas stations or underground storage tank

facilities, they may contaminate nearby drinking water sources.

What are the Symptoms?

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One of the most common symptoms of drinking water polluted with harmful

bacteria and other contaminants is diarrhea. People who experience watery

diarrhea often feel nauseous may vomit, and will likely lose their appetite.

Another common sign of contaminated water is typhoid fever. This disease

can be fatal if left untreated, but luckily it’s easy to recognize symptoms early

on. Some people suffering from typhoid fever show no signs of illness; in such

cases, they’re typically unaware that they have contracted a severe infection

until a doctor diagnoses them after a routine physical exam or when someone

close to them becomes sick due to contaminated water consumption.

Ways to Improve Your Drinking Water

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Have you ever thought about what’s in your water? The average American uses

about 100 gallons of tap water per day for drinking, bathing, washing dishes and

laundry, and watering lawns and gardens. Drinking poor-quality tap water can be

detrimental to your health. If you suspect that your drinking water isn’t clean or

tastes funny, there are ways to improve it. Here are some tips on how to get rid

of bad taste from your tap water

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