How to Make Money with Web 3.0 Investments

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Web 3.0 can be described as the third iteration of the Internet,

which follows Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

New isn’t always bad

There’s a lot of money being poured into online ventures that

have never been done before—in other words, it’s hard not

to get excited about web 3.0 when we see how much success

some of these companies are having so early on in their life

cycle. Some people believe that new is bad because they

want new technologies and ideas to be proven over


(i.e., let someone else take that risk). But let’s not forget:

There was a time when Google looked like a risky idea,

too! Investing in technology or businesses that are

starting up may seem scary, but they might also be well

worth it if you’re willing to take some risks!

What Makes a Good Web 3.0 Project?

There are a number of criteria that can make a project viable

and lead to profitable results. First, there needs to be an

existing use case for your product or service, meaning there

’s already a clear demand for what you’re selling (and there’s

only room for one solution). Next, try finding potential

customers who have never been able to solve their problem

—yet—because it’s simply not feasible given current market

conditions. Finally, analyze whether your idea aligns with

larger societal trends that are likely to continue well into

the future. From wearable technologies and artificial

intelligence (AI) applications, where does your

company fit in?

How Can You Invest In New Websites?

Since these new platforms are just starting out, many are raising

money through crowdfunding campaigns on sites like Kickstarter

and Indiegogo, or offering incentives for early backers like special

access to new sites or exclusive content. If you’re willing to commit

a certain amount of money upfront, they’ll give you what you need

in return: a stake in their company or a portion of their profits

down the road.

Is Investing in New Websites Safe?

Investing in new websites can seem like a great idea—but it’s not

without its risks. There are some very clever new entrepreneurs

out there, but unfortunately for investors, many clever entrepreneurs

also have their ways of taking advantage of you. Before investing

your hard-earned money into any website, it’s important to arm

yourself with as much information as possible about how exactly

these sites make money and what factors make them a safer

investment than others on offer. The more information you have

before making an investment decision, the better off you’ll be

in avoiding scams and putting your money into reputable

businesses that will yield reliable returns over time!

Websites are Changing the World

A survey of entrepreneurs and other business leaders finds that

almost two-thirds think that web innovation has been responsible

for at least one major societal change in their lifetimes, while

another 28% say it has played a significant role in three or more

such changes. They cite several technological developments:

faster and cheaper Internet access; search engines; e-mail and

social networking sites like Facebook; online news services

like Google News, Yahoo! News, and Huffington Post; blogs

and mobile applications such as Flipboard for reading them

on smartphones and tablets (see Who Are All These People?

in Chapter 1). These days, your company website can also be

a crucial tool for conducting business with partners around

the world.

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